5 Perfect Destinations to Experience the Beauty of Nature

There are certain places that give a certain feeling of peace and serenity. Most of them involve nature. Nature is the perfect place to be whenever you feel like you need to get away from certain realities in life. That is why whenever you feel like the harsh aspects of life are getting to you, you should opt for grasping some nature. Even just for a little bit, as long as you capture the beauty of it, you will feel like you are at your best.

Escaping into nature is one of the best things that people are privileged to do. With so many incredible landscapes, an endless list of beautiful bodies of water, you will feel like you can do so many things in the world. One book that can help you realize this is Into The Wild by Mike Honeycutt. This book narrates his stories from all over the world on all continents. He tells about bird hunting in Argentina, turkey hunting in Old Mexico, and looking for the Gobi Argali Sheep in Mongolia. All his experiences from airplanes to snowmobiles, to boats, horses, jeeps, four-wheelers, and pickups. This book could open your eyes to the wonders of the world, making you realize how beautiful it really is.

Thus, if you are planning to go on a trip for a break, you should consider going to places with an ambiance of nature is evident. This blog will help you get ideas on which place you can go to, so you can have a lot of choices. Below are some of the places where you can find pure nature:


This country is big on landscapes. You can go on trekking through the rice paddies of Sapa, exploring the sand dunes of Mui Ne, or discovering the largest cave system in the world. It is also famously known for its beaches and rivers. Tranquil Ba Be National Park is one of the most peaceful spots in Vietnam. Absolutely stunning with the three interlinked Ba Be Lakes at its heart, a scenery that you can not miss your whole life.


This Nordic European island country is the most sparsely populated area. It is the best place to be if you want to achieve peace of mind. The tourist spots in Iceland that you can go see are nothing like the others. The bubbling and steaming water of The Blue Lagoon will be one of the places you will remember forever. The in-water massages and luxury lounge facilities will astonish your experience. Being drawn to the mystical atmosphere of Iceland will be one of the things you should not miss.


Australia is not just famous for Koalas but it is also full of incredible natural wonders. You will be surprised by the number of spots you can go to in Australia. You can spend your time in the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru. You will surely enjoy your time exploring the country’s diverse landscapes. The lush rainforests, deserts, and some of the best hiking in the world. People who have been there would highly recommend hiring a car and exploring the Great Ocean Road as well as stopping at national parks like Daintree and Kakadu.


This city might be underrated in Turkey, but it is definitely full of surprises. Sightseeing attractions that people who like to take photos will definitely visit. You will get the chance to spend your time in elegant cave houses, which will give you an amazing experience, nothing that a regular hotel can offer. In the mornings, you can hike through valleys and rock sites with a tantalizing view. The enchanting landscape of this destination is worth it to be seen.


Known as the Island of Gods because of its religious idols, Balinese ancient Hinduism, which is quite present in the locals’ lifestyle. As one of the most popular tropical tourist spots in Asia, Bali Indonesia appeals to people for its nature. This place really exudes calmness into a visitor’s soul. You can find stunning beaches to spectral temples. a perfect place where you can surely take the best pictures to post.

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