We have experienced a lot of things in the past few years. We have dealt with numerous tragedies, calamities, and even pandemics that have stopped us from exposing ourselves outside the premises of our home. The instances we face have been a struggle and a challenge to most people. The constrictions that these happenings bring to us have not been helpful to our physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Our self deteriorates the more we are exposed to stresses that the unstoppable events bring in our lives. All of these unfortunate things that have happened to us have been a huge miss in our lives. Stuck in our home, we feel worthless and bored. When we get stuck in our homes, we feel imprisoned. I know it sucks to be at home most of the time, especially if the outside hasn’t been accessible.  

If we get stuck in the premises of our own home, sometimes things look redundant. It’s the same four walls we see each day, and it’s getting worse by the hour. We have never felt this much sadness ever. The home is an excellent place to protect us, but it’s not a good place to be in for a long time. Especially if you’re a teen or a young adult like me, we want to explore the world, not just our own home. So it’s a stress to feel stuck in your house. 

You can escape your home without leaving it. I’m about to share some of the most magical indoor activities you probably don’t do. These can kick your imagination and make you feel majestic. You can expound on many possibilities and not feel bored while at home. So buckle up as I take you on a trip outside your home while staying inside!

  1. DDD Movies (3D Movies)

Do you have a Netflix subscription? A Hulu subscription? A Disney Plus Subscription? Or any of those online streaming platforms? If you said yes to any that you are in for this first activity. You may feel like a movie marathon on your TV Screen is an everyday activity that you usually do every day. But let me tell you that you can spice things up. You can now watch videos on your TV in 3D! Yes, my friend, you can have that 3D cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. The internet, including Amazon, has those kits and instructional videos on making your TV viewing in 3D. So you aren’t just watching your movie, but you’ll feel like a part of the story!

2. Starlight Wonder

If you have a backyard, you feel like stargazing scenery is not new to you. But you can stargaze inside your bedroom. You heard it right; stargazing inside your closed bedroom is possible. You can have two choices in these activities. 

(1) You can stargaze with glowing stars. An ordinary decor that we see in the market is the glow-in-the-dark stars. These are actually of good view when stuck to the ceiling. You can buy blue lights to be placed on the tips of your room to give your ceiling a night sky sensation. (2) You can feel like you are stargazing outside in this option. This new gadget can shine small lights into your dark ceiling and give that night sky look. Some of these gadgets even spin around to make it look like the stars are moving!

3. The Book’s Bests

Hear me out! Reading might be a common way for you to “escape reality.” This idea is more significant than that. We know the traditional book genres, but more genres can give us that “escape reality” feeling. It’s not just your familiar love story genre, but it’s more than that. Books with adventure, scientific, thriller, mystery and even creative designs are the best! 

Books like Into the Wild by Mike Honeycutt can give you that adventure through the lands of the earth and find new animals. The Nancy Drew Series can bring you to the mysteries and thrill of the unknown. These book genres can kick your imagination more than you can imagine! You can start simple and then go big when reading, it takes time, but there’s no pressure.

4. Project the Magic

A simple projector at home can be a good one for this! You can buy a simple school or office projector, and this activity is perfect for you. The projector can be a window that you can access to the outside world, and it can even give you a peek into a world more magical than yours. Many window scenery, rain scenery, enchanting videos, and even plain color backgrounds can give you the outside scene. You can access these videos through the internet, so it’s no hassle! So you can now escape your home from your home!

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