Traveling is one way to best experience life and the world. Traveling can change a person’s life and a person’s perspective. There are so many benefits coming from traveling, so much more if traveling the world. Seeing and immersing oneself in different cultures, different languages in different places opens up a whole new world of experience that affects a person’s overall well-being. Mike Honeycutt’s world travel is chronicled in his book, Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing. Mike shared his experience when he traveled the world searching for the most exotic wildlife species. His documented travelogue showed the significance of recording one’s travels, the experiences, and encounters during those travels. Some people call the process of documenting their travels journaling. Others refer to it as a travel journal.

Making the Travel Journal 

A travel journal is an excellent way to preserve a person’s experiences or memories from their trips. All the more so, there is a need to preserve memories from world traveling, since traveling the world is almost like a once in a lifetime for most people. There is no hard and fast rule when creating a travel journal. People can get creative as much as they can when journaling their experiences meeting new people in different places, attempting to speak foreign languages, eating foreign delicacies, joining unique cultural festivities, etc. Whatever way a person wants to proceed in jotting down their experiences, the sky’s the limit! 

To know how to start making one, albeit just a simple journal, read on.  


One of the most common methods of creating a journal is through the process of chronology. It is arranging events or happenings according to the date and time or in the order of how they occurred. Almost similar to making a diary when the events are recorded almost daily. Chronicling is still considered one of the best methods of doing a travel journal, especially for world travel. If a person is taking a vacation in a foreign country, there is that urge to note every bit and piece of incident that happened along the way. Typical chronicling example starts with day 1, going through the airport, how long is the flight, how diverse are the passengers, what does the stopover airport look like, the experiences and processes in the airport, how receptive are the people at the airport, and so on. Day 2 could be how the checking-in at the hotel took place and maybe the start of the tour. Day 3 and the rest of the days of the tour documents everything else that happened daily.  

Collecting Mementos

Mementos are objects or items that serve as a reminder, memorabilia, or souvenirs from an event. A travel journal could be in the form of collecting and posting mementos. Some people would collect postcards from the places or countries they’ve visited, paste them into their book journals, and describe what happened to them in that particular place. So their travel journal will be filled with postcards, dated with the date and time when they’re in the place, and either a simple one-liner or a narrative paragraph detailing their experience. 

Other forms of mementos could be clippings from newspapers bought from those places visited, a piece of napkin showing the restaurant’s logo where the person ate, receipts, planes, train, bus tickets, etc. 

Photographs Portfolio

Taking photos is one of the best ways to capture a world-traveling experience. These photographs are the person’s actual reminders of what took place during those travels. The portfolio could contain photos of the traveler, the traveler together with new friends or native persons, the traveler in a famous landmark, the traveler in the middle of enjoying a festivity, and lots more. The portfolio could also consist of photos of landmarks or famous sceneries. Basically, the photographs portfolio could consist of anything the traveler wanted to remind them of their visit to those places. 

What best way to experience life than to travel and experience the world? All of that traveling comes to naught if, of course, that experience is not recorded. That’s where journaling comes in, especially a travel journal. A travel journal helps the traveler relieve the experience they felt when they visited a place over and over again. It can also be a stress reliever activity since creating a journal sometimes encourages a person to get creative when expressing and jotting down their experiences. A travel journal can actually inspire and motivate a person to start planning another travel goal. After all, it’s those precious moments people undergo that make traveling worthwhile. And, it’s those moments in life that when a person travels that are worth keeping.

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