“If you see a good trophy, it is usually smart to take him if you want a trophy to take home and mount on the wall.”

Honeycutt’s record of his worldwide hunting and fishing expeditions weaves in aspects of culture, trip logistics, local lore, and sightseeing. His account covers a wide variety of exotic locales, big and small prey, and entertaining side stories that accompany the hunt. He crisscrosses the world over decades hunting game on every continent and climate. Each experience is a unique encounter with people, the land, and, of course, animals.

This travelogue is not a how-to hunting guide full of insider information but rather an exploration of one man’s encounters with prey and his love for hunting and fishing. This love of hunting and a passion to see the wilds of the world anchor this personal narrative. The conversational and direct tone reads like a travel diary and evokes the timeless appeal of the hunt across cultures and lands. Honeycutt does not dawdle in descriptive details or histories of the places he visits. He provides some context and some information about events that happen to be going on while he is visiting, but the emphasis is on his own adventure. He does not dramatize the hunt but reports the facts of each experience, creating a candid and forthright account.

With each brief narrative chapter, interesting characters lurk on the sidelines, but their stories are left behind. Guides, outfitters, random strangers, scouts, and trackers make brief appearances, but Honeycutt leaves their stories in the wild and sticks to the facts of his journey. He includes black and white photos for each excursion, but captions would help tell the story even better.

Through hunting and fishing, the world is opened up to Honeycutt. His passion is an entry point to explore and discover new places. By writing this account, he opens access for any reader who enjoys hunting and fishing and desires a wider view of the world.

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