Prospects on Great Outdoor Adventures Post-Pandemic

We all want to go out again, but some changes may be necessary to enjoy the great outdoors.

We all want this pandemic to end as soon as possible. Many of us want to go back to the pre-Covid times while others are gearing up to embrace the new normal, or better yet, forget their own normal. For outdoor adventures and hunters, the call of the wild grows louder with each passing month. With vaccines already available and countries worldwide aiming to have everyone immunized within the year, it’s should only a matter of time before we can get rid of this pandemic for good. However, there are those of us that cannot wait for another year or two. And the need for outdoor adventures is just too much to ignore. While it may take some time before we can travel to other countries and do our travelogues just like Mike Honeycutt’s The World of Hunting and Fishing, the possibility of being to go on outdoor adventures again is imminent. The key is to consider specific changes in how we make outdoor trips with the pandemic still on and after post-Covid.

Create Solo Adventures

Even before introducing vaccines late last year, many of us have braved the impossible and started doing outdoor adventure, but not without observing the proper safety protocols: face mask, sanitizers, and social distancing. And as far as heading into the great outdoors, many of us decided to shift to solo adventures. Whether it’s a day trip out into the woods or local trail, camping out in an open space, river trekking, or even mountain hiking alone in a tent or hammock, solo adventure seems a practical option. And it will be more so in the future because many people realize that one doesn’t need grand outdoor camping plans or that many people to get your dose of wild outdoor adventure. This set up is ideal for hunters and trappers.

Riding Out Into the Wild

One of the earliest adjustments for many of us around the world is our mode of daily transportation. With most public transports closed by the first quarter of 2020, many turned to private vehicles. Biking became the most popular mode of transportation, and there was even a time when bike prices doubled or tripled overnight. People realized its fundamental value, but most of us also returned to biking as a means for exercise and adventures. Instead of camping on mountain tops or organizing long hikes, we organized biking marathons, circling the city, or going to rough roads and other remote places, as far as the two wheels can get.

Be With Your Own Tribe

Whenever I hear the lines “be with your own tribe,” it’s almost always being used to refer to being with people with whom you shared the same goals, principles, or outlook in life. For outdoor adventurers in this time of the pandemic, it can mean going into the wild with people you know are safe. Pre-Covid great outdoor adventures usually mean meeting new people- being with hiking groups composed of strangers, sharing hotel rooms or trails with other people, or put, being in a large group. After all, grand adventures are often best shared. But with the pandemic still going on and even after we returned to normal, it’s best to go on trips and experiences with guides and a team that you are very familiar with. It’s for safety, whether from Covid or personal safety.

Let’s Up the Safety Game

The pandemic has taught us to be more conscious of safety protocols. For the first time in a century, the world in unison adhered to standard global safety precautions- face masks, washing of hands, alcohol, and social-distancing. Of course, safety protocols for outdoor adventurers, hunters, anglers, and all those who venture into the wild are also changing. Careful planning is an integral part of any outdoor activity, now more than ever. Whether you are heading out for groceries, doing errands, outdoor exercises, trekking, job-related, or going for an adventure, one must plan every trip thoroughly and ensure that all areas are covered. Packing of essentials, timeline, and execution is paramount. Outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts are trained for this, but it’s always useful to review preparation routines and consider the pandemic situation to add additional safety measures.

Adventurers’ New Normal

Like it or not, this pandemic has certainly changed all of our lives and the way we view things. Our perspective of outdoor adventures, hunting, exploring, and excursion activities may have also changed over the past months. International and interstate travel are prohibited in most places. In some states, certain outdoor activities are temporarily banned as well. There are some areas where certain activities are still allowed, provided they adhere to safety protocols. Every adventurer is excited to be out there again, whether it’s beneath the blue skies or under a starry open sky. Outdoor adventures are changing, and we must embrace these changes if we are to continue enjoying the grand magnificence of the wild outdoors.

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