The Best Remote Places You Should Visit

Have you dreamt of going to a place where you can see everything you could never imagine seeing? Reading this will help you learn some of the best places to visit when you feel like you require a great adventure in your life. The world has many surprises to offer; it is one reason why one should live a long and healthy life. When you feel like you are caught up in something and it makes you demotivated, think of all the wonders that earth has. Make the beauty of the world a reason for you to live life. The best way for you to witness and discover these wonders is by going to remote places.

Remote traveling is one of the most adventurous trips one can take. However, no matter how fun it can get, it can also pose some risks. It is far from the ordinary travel people usually go. You must expect that there will be instances where you are not exposed to some of the things you are usually exposed to in the usual travel. You need to know that all the luxury you can get will not be present in faraway travels. But the thing about these kinds of travels is that they are the most exciting. Knowing that only a few people were only able to see these places makes it even more special. World Of Hunting And Fishing by Mike Honeycutt is one book that can push you to travel remotely. This travelogue will help you see the beauty of this kind of travel. The book tells the author’s passion for traveling to exotic locales.

If you properly plan and do enough preparation, you can surely pull off a remote journey. Once you do, expect that you will want to go on more. Luckily, there is a myriad of locations and destinations you can go to. If you are trying to find a place to go, this blog will help you. Here are the top places you can visit when you feel like you want to go on an extreme adventure:

Macquarie Island in Australia

It is a known place in the world where the earth’s crust forced a line of molten rock right up to the surface. It is a tiny verdant island ruled by penguins, sharing their little world with many seals and sea lions. This place is one of the most challenging places to visit. You can only go there on a small expedition cruise with up to 50 other passengers. But this should not stop you from going. Imagine what incredible scenery it would be; you will feel like you are in a different world.

Hood River in Oregon, USA

If you are planning on a cross-country trip, you can surely do so. Hood River, found in Oregon, is a place you can surely go. This sits on the border of Oregon and Washington. Moreover, it is famous as the windsurfing capital of the world. You can go on a scenic hike or biking. This place is perfect for someone looking for a place to go on adventure and experience peace.

Socotra Island in Yemen

Located in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, a mountainous and generally arid place lies—the Republic of Yemen. Aside from the rich history and culture of the place, there is one place that feels much untouched by modern civilization. Socotra Island is famous for the dragon’s blood trees or mostly known as the Socotra dragon tree. Such is called because of the unique red sap that the tree produces. You can see tons of these in the place.

Hundred-Mile Wilderness in Maine

This is another cross-country location where you can hike and see beautiful sceneries. Rugged hiking through the north part of Maine is an excellent idea for a backpacking trip. Imagine hiking along the Appalachian trail with fresh air and birds chirping. This would be the perfect journey.

Overall, remote traveling is not that luxurious as other types of travel. With this one, you can surely expect that you will have the most challenging time. At the same time, you will also encounter the most fulfilling and rewarding feeling you can get. After every remote trip, you can feel refreshed and ready to take on the journey in life back home.


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