Travel Bucket List Ideas to Get You Outdoors

What is the point of traveling when you can’t go outdoors? Seeking new and different experiences is the extremity of travel. Thus, it is best to get your feet outdoors. Hence, if you are planning to travel in the future, it is best to make the most out of it by creating a bucket list of what you want to do. If you have no idea what adventures you must include, this blog is for you. The following is a list of escapades you can do:

Camping at Acadia National Park, Maine

Camping is a great choice if you want to disconnect from technology and the modern world. Choosing a campground with a relaxing view is the secret to achieving peace of mind during the trip. Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine is the best place you can go. You can see the iconic lighthouses on the shores and the pine trees that are towering overhead. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you will surely fall in love with the place. You can experience endless outdoor activities. Nevertheless, if you prefer to experience a downtown life during camping, Bar Harbor, near the town, is just the perfect place. You can see shops where you can buy vintage souvenirs, grab a bite at the local’s favorite, and even enjoy some casual night out. You have to make sure that you visit Sherman’s. It is Maine’s oldest book store.

Fishing at the Key West, Florida

If you are into fishing but are worried about not having the best encounters, Key West, Florida is the safest place to be. Even if you decide to go on a fishing adventure on the worst month, Key West should be the first on your list. It’s always a great time to go fishing there all year round. We all know that Florida has a tropical climate, making it the ideal place to escape and experience the warm waters. Fishing is a great outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Author, Mike Honeycutt, is an excellent attestation to that. Honeycutt’s world travel of hunting and fishing can inspire you to love doing outdoor activities, such as fishing. His travelogue speaks so much of his passion for remote traveling and witnessing unusual animal species.

Abseiling at Snowdonia National Park in Wales

Snowdonia, a region in northwest Wales, is surrounded by mountains and glacial landforms. Their national park is famous for its 823 square miles (2,130 km2) area. It has the highest peaks in the United Kingdom, perfect for abseiling or rock climbing. You can discover the most amazing view once you are at the top of the peak, something that you can only experience once in your life. Witnessing the breathtaking beauty of nature is one of the many reasons why climbers are attached to this place. Experience some esoteric climbing opportunities in this place, and you will surely crave more thrilling adventures like this.

Skiing at Courchevel, France

Have you tried skiing before? If you haven’t yet, you should go to the best place for skiing to mark your first time. Courchevel, France, is a globally known place for skiing. Many attest that this is the perfect resort for beginners and intermediates. It has three great mountain bowls pointing to the north. You can expect the snow to be soft and squeaky. Many beginners have the most fun in the middle, where there are tons of perfectly pitched slopes. You can also meet many skiers as many people would go there during skiing season.

Windsurfing at Kokkari, Greece

On the Island of Samos, Greece, you can find a small village named Kokkari, where you can find tons of outdoor adventures. One of the famous activities there is windsurfing. It is a watersport, combining both sailing and surfing. It uses the wind to propel forward in the water. Many people have so much fun doing it, and Kokkari is the ideal place for it. If you are a beginner, you will have the chance to learn from the pros.

Outdoor activities during travel will surely kick-start your lifetime journey of being active. May these activities and places inspire you to go on an adventure trip.

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